Attorney Gideon Ben-Or heads one of the country’s leading law offices dealing with issues of land law and complex planning problems in the rural sector, with particular emphasis on the Moshavim.

The office has a reputation for its professionalism and expertise concerning all aspects of current legislation and court decisions, and is familiar with all facets of the subject.

Clients include Moshav members as well as co-operative associations and some of the country’s largest economic organisations.

The office provides advice and legal support to its clients, and specializes in legal representation vis a vis planning and building committees , the Israel Land Authority, regional councils, the tax authorities, the registrar of co-operative associations as well as the Jewish Agency.

The proven success of Attorney Gideon-Ben-Or ‘s office in these fields, and the experience accumulated in dealing with complex issues in the rural sector have resulted in the fact that a considerable proportion of clients includes lawyers, accountants, assessors, and architects. All these professionals deal with problems that require creative solutions and intricate management of negotiations with governmental authorities.

Office Founder
Gideon Ben-Or has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in law from Bar-Ilan University. He has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1992, and is a certified notary.

During the first stage in his professional life he worked in the Central District’s Attorney’s Office, and since turning to the private sector he has been dealing with land law, and with both civil and criminal aspects of planning and building law in the rural sector.

Attorney Gideon Ben-Or acts as deputy chairman of the Tel-Aviv and Central Planning and Building Committee In the Bar Association, and today serves on the Bar Committee for public institutions and courts. He gives frequent lectures on his field of expertise and provides professional counseling to large economic organizations.
As a reservist in the IDF, Attorney Ben-Or serves as brigade commander with the rank of Colonel, regarding this role as an important contribution to society.